Brand-Name Bloodshed
Three ice hockey goalie sticks re-imagined and reconfigured.
Koho Broadsword. 36.25" from tip to base.

The idea for the swords was an old one, I had been wanting to do it since I started playing when I was 12 or 13. Whenever I picked up a stick and held it I felt like a warrior and bloodlust would rise in me. My stick was the accessible embodiment of all the swords I ogled at when I visited the Met Museum in NYC– where I would get stuck in the Arms and Armor section, not caring to explore the rest of the building where the artworks were. On a recent trip home from Vassar, I found the old sticks I had used when I played varsity and decided to finally reconfigure them into the forms I had always imagined them taking.

Rbk Scimitar. 39" from tip to base.

In doing so, I was left with a very interesting result. The sticks had become brand-name weapons, to be used in a modern age of warfare where sports companies like Koho and Reebok would be the sponsors of battle, and death. It seemed like the logical conclusion of a violent, strength-based game in which victory is sought at the cost of the personal health of everyone involved. I'm surprised that gun manufacturing companies don't print larger, colorful brand boasts all over their products. If they did, the victims and witnesses of the fire-arm's effectiveness would be able to reflect on the manufacturer's precision and market dominance. As they lay dying, they would become instant converts, thinking: "Damn, I should've been using a Beretta."

Koho and Rbk Weapons. Found hockey goalie sticks, fabric hockey tape, hockey skate laces, wood, plexiglass, enamel. Case measures 48" high, 36" wide and 6.25" deep.

The case is made to mimic plexiglass and plastic hockey boards, the siding is royal blue, the dasher bsaoard is yellow and the lid is a rich and vibrant hockey red with clear plexi set inside it. The swords are dangerously fun to play with, and feel great in hand.