Chanel Rustique
Chanel,"Rustique". Wood (oak, pine), pyrography, string. 7.5" tall, 5" wide, 2.25" thick.

A new product proposal for Chanel. The concept: a designer perfume's frontier brother. Cashing in on the unique nostalgia Americans feel for our far-removed frontier history, I have followed the commodification of the Wild West aesthetic, (see Bulleit Bourbon, marketing for Levi's, Deadwood) to a logical end and redesigned the most popular and recognizable French perfume to be more desirable to United States' market. I imagine it having a musky base scent with tones of pine sap, bison pheromones, leather chaps, stale whiskey, and the wafting smoke of a distant burning Indian village.

Bottle packaged in hand-made pine wood shavings.
Bottle in plywood "Chanel Rustique" packaging. Box measures 13" tall, 9" wide, 5" deep.
Box detail. Pyrography on a/c plywood.
At the Sculpture II show, on a special-edition Chanel-branded tree-stump pedestal.