Face, Arm, and Shoulders (Self Portrait)
Face, Arm and Shoulders (Self Portrait), 20" x 22" twelve-layer silkscreen on Arches 88.

In the summer of 2010 I signed up for a silkscreen printing course at the SVA and enjoyed learning the craft in their beautiful facilities. After making a number of very graphic and stylized smaller runs of prints, I decided to “defeat” the purpose of silkscreening (which relies on opaque layers masking the preceding layer) by making a representational, realistic self-portrait made up of obsessive, corrective but essentially transparent layers of ink. Each day I returned to the studio with a new drawing representing some new, additive layer to the print. In doing so, I progressed in a 12-layer process from more free, expressive washes of tone to obsessive and exacting drawings of specific features, like my eyes, mouth, and hair.

Alternate, with slight color-density variations (Artist's Print)
A couple of layers into making the print.