Forest Doorway
A guided walkway to a clearing.

The assignment here stipulated our work must be outdoors and speak to “light” and “movement through a space.” The next day, I took a walk on the Vassar Farm to get my mind working.

The forest there has a thick wall of vines on the first row of trees. I became very interested in moving from open field, through naturally occurring human-scale passageways, and into the vast interior space created by the canopy of the forest. I imagined the forest as one large architectural structure, with walls of vine, a ceiling of foliage, and tree trunks as support columns.

So I made a literal door for this imagined building. The following hallway carries the viewer safely through the thick, tick-infested, poison ivy vine wall. As the viewer progresses down the boardwalk, the walls which began opaque begin to fade away, gently becoming more transparent. The payoff is a framed cut-out from the final panel of clear vinyl, which offers you a unmediated view of the forest’s interior:

Materials: 5mm, 3m, 1mm painters sheet plastic. Eight 10’ 1.5” Pine Handrails. The boardwalk is 20’ long by 4’ wide and made from reclaimed Douglas Fir boards