Hockey Fight!
Hockey Fight!, Polycrystalline wax, Magnavox television set, silicon sealant. 20” x 18.25” x 19”. Screen measures 16.5” x 12.5”

Hockey fights are many men’s last remaining option to display violent and virile urges. Even so, they are neutered and controlled. The adrenaline spikes for a second but fades as the players just end up holding each other in an impotent deadlock embrace, restricted by equipment and pain, before being descended on and broken up by referees. The threat of violence is only this exhilarating when there is a promise of an escape to a safe penalty box, where aggression again becomes a fantasy.

I settled on this image after making a series of quick drawings of hockey fights from memory/imagination and averaging them out into this distillation.

I carved this into wax poured on an old working television and turned the knobs for the saturation, color, and brightness on full blast. The wild, spastic TV snow illuminates the wax and provides a lively ground. I hoped doing this would capture the initial excitement of confrontation.

Hockey Fight! Plugged in and switched on with a red,blue, and green static providing lively illumination from behind the image.
Hockey Fight! Seen from a three-quarter view to illustrate the image’s positive relief.
Hockey Fight! Installation view, presented on television stand with “matching’” chair for viewing the piece at an appropriate level.

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