The Marlboro "Reds"
Two prototypes, assembled. "Cigarette Pack with Tear-Away Smoker Card". Lazer printing on card, cigarettes, thermal adhesive. Each measures 3.5" x 2.75" x .85"

Here, I've crafted a replica of a Marlboro Red pack and made a perforated, tear-away part of the standard pack a collectible: a "smoker" card, modeled after sports' trading cards. Once the smoker is finished with their pack, they can tear off the folding top and remove the perforated back panel (redesigned with an biography and image of a unique individual, in this case a veteran to the brand) and keep it for their growing collection. Now that cigarettes can't come in flavors that appeal to children, this could be a new way to target these future smokers.

Three cigarette packs with Tear-Away Smoker Card.